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Areas I can help you?

Period Pain 

Sleep Issues

Peri-menopausal Complaints

Menopausal Transition

Hot Flushes 

Re-boost for Emotional Exhaustion

Reproductive Health 

Hormonal Education and Support

Skin complaints

Bowel issues 


Stress reduction 

I also operate a general practice and as I often end up working with other family members of my clients.

How can I help you?




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I’m a Holistic Practitioner with a Science Degree, I enjoy researching so I use the knowledge from my research to help target my approach and my remedies so that you can enjoy your best health.


I  specialising in the area of female hormonal health, sleep issues and anxiety.  


I truly believe if we understand our bodies better we will be more inclined to appreciate and nurture it.

The gift of homeopathy is that it provides you with health options you might have not previously considered possible. 

Feel free to make contact through email or the green link above if you have any queries, let's see how we can start you on your journey to better health together 


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