A Few Words About Me...


I suppose I have always had a curious mind and being passionate about things that interest me. 


When I was younger I don’t think I realised these things about myself, as to me it is just the norm -  but on semi-mature reflection, I can definitely see it.


My first cause in the mid 80’s was saving the ozone layer,  CFC's were bad and all foam egg cartoons were banned from the house at my request. No shopkeeper was safe from my detailed explanation on how this was so and how he too could do his bit to help. 


Next came a popular household brand name that was selling baby formula without correct information in Africa  -  again banned from the house.   Thanks to my passionate pleading to my mum that we had to do something or perhaps she just wanted some peace.


I suppose at that young age I was sure that if people just knew they were doing something harmful they would stop  - it must be a mistake.


After school, I opted to study for a degree in Environmental Science and it was there I worked for over 10 years  - most of which I enjoyed but I suppose I could not describe myself as super passionate.


If I try to pinpoint where my interest in holistic health came from its probably from Maggie Tisserand’s book “Aromatherapy for Women” that a friend loaned to me while I was in college.


I found it to be an amazing book, I also did a short evening course on Complementary Therapies while studying for my Environmental Science Degree and used my limited socialising fund to pay for it so I suppose the interest was strong even back then.


Jump forward a few years and I had started to bring my own family to a homeopath, so when the opportunity came for a new career I knew holistic health was the choice for me.


I now work as a full-time holistic consultant based in my clinic in Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland but I also see clients from around the world using Skype.


The thing I most love about my clinic is it provides options for people, usually people who have been told they have no options!


I am still amazed daily that such a gentle, non-toxic form of medicine can have such a positive and strong effect on people lives.


As long as I’m still amazed, curious and passionate, I know I am in the right profession.


# I am grateful





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