Course : Pain-free Periods

Course Content
1. Our Hormonal Cycle
2. What is a Healthy Cycle
3.       How to use the symptoms to make a shortlist of remedies
4.       Homeopathic Remedies to relieve period pain
5.       How to research the remedies on your short list
6.       Potency and Dosage Information
7.       Acute V Chronic
8.       Case Study

Yes , your periods should be pain free.
We can sometimes assume that pain, strong moods or exhaustion is normal.These symptoms are a sign of imbalance.
The great news is that our hormonal systems can be brought back into balance with a little care and attention.
This course is your first stepping stone to that balance

Course Description
This is an online interactive course.
The course is limited to 10 participants and will be facilitated by Deirdre & Palin who are both registered Homeopaths .
The course is 90 minutes in duration and will have a 5 minute break .
A course hand out will be provided.

We appreciate your custom - as a thank you the cost of the course will be deducted from any participant who books a full consultation within 10 days of the date of the course.

Deirdre McDermott
Palin Przeski

About Deirdre & Palin

Deirdre - Hormone Advocate & Recovering Perfectionist.

I’m a Holistic Practitioner with a Science Degree, I enjoy researching and I use this knowledge to target my approach and my remedies.
There is a real lack of understanding about women’s health.
We sometimes accept a low standard of health as normal.
Its time to expect more. #itstimetoexpectmore


We are really looking forward to facilitating this course so that we can share our combined wisdom and guide you along your journey to amazing health

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