Options , options, and more options

What homeopathy means to me – the short version :)

If Option A is not working for me there is always an Option B

Both my children had mild medical conditions when they were younger. One suffered with reoccurring chest infections and the other had eczema. When I asked the doctor if changes to their diet could help or if I could give them vitamins to strengthen their immune system and prevent these conditions from reoccurring I was told "no, not really, there is no cure, just treatment"

My kids were both under 3 at that stage so I guess on their behalf I did not accept this word “No”. It just did not make sense to me that there is nothing, in the whole world I can do or try, to make them at least a little bit better and hopefully a lot better. And if I’m honest I don’t really like being told there is nothing I can do in any situation ;)

So, I did some research and I spoke to my German sister in law who had always spoken favourably about homeopathy. Homeopathy was not something I was familiar with before this. I found a great homeopath in Swords and she started treating my kids, then myself and even my more sceptical husband very successfully with homeopathy.

I don’t know if you remember the Remington shaver ad back in the 80’s with the slogan "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company", well that’s how impressed I was with homeopathy. I’m now in the final year of a four year course in homeopathy and well on the way to establishing my own practice.

After all this time the thing I most love about homeopathy - is that it provides options and lots of them

Think about a time when you have been told there are no options, no cures or treatments. Perhaps you have been told to learn to live with a condition, have surgery or take lifelong medication.

Whether your condition is physical or emotional next time think - If Option A is not working for you there is always an Option B!

What is your option B?

Your next step!

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