💚Your Period should be pain free💜

Yes your periods should be pain free, unfortunately I was 32 by the time I learned this! At that stage of my life I had a science degree and two children so perhaps I should have known better. What age were you when you learnt this? Having just completed a series of talks this fact still draws the biggest breath.  Some women are fortunate and sail through all things hormonal, the rest are not so blessed. We seem to just assume this pain, strong moods or exhaustion is normal. That taking painkillers every month is acceptable, that nothing can be done. These symptoms are signs of imbalance The great news is that our hormonal systems can be brought back into balance with a little care and attention When I ask my clients about their period , 99% respond with the words  “Fine” So I now tell them what a healthy cycle is and ask how they fit in with that and then we have the beautiful light-bulb moment . “Oh no - then it’s not fine then “ is the general response. Our hormonal/endocrine system is I feel one of the most amazing systems in our body. It deserves to be nurtured and minded It’s so rewarding when clients come back and tell me that they have had a pain free cycle or that they felt normal during it.  To us both it’s a mini miracle Does your hormonal system need some care and re balancing, would you like a pain free, upheaval free period? This is possible I offer a FREE 15-minute Skype / Phone consultation to discuss your symptoms and let you know what you can expect from my treatment programme. Its time to expect more.

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