I am a 68-year-old woman.

My first experience of sleeplessness started with the onset of menopause when I was 47 years old.
This was the start of the hot flushes at night.


I would highly recommend Deirdre.
I have felt so well after my homeopathic remedies. I wish I had found this years ago!
Excellent ⭐⭐

Belief in Myself

To say the last year has been eventful is an understatement,
I as a person have changed 10 fold,
Going to you had helped me immensely

Female Health

Deirdre's service is amazing and I recommend many of my clients to her as I specialize in Female Pelvic Health as a Health Professional.

Heavy and Painful Periods

After the birth of my twins in 2012, I found that my periods were extremely heavy and painful.
They were very irregular and I dreaded them each month.

Health Support

Deirdre provides valuable tips and ideas for all aspects of women's health as well as tailored remedies for each individual.
Her support is invaluable during serious health upheavals.


Last year on Facebook I saw a post advertising a study about Endometriosis and I decided to give it a go. I was sceptical to say the least and really wasn't expecting much improvement. How wrong was I !!!!!!

Deirdre has a wonderful approach.

I recommend Boyne Holistic Clinic 100%. I'm completely converted


I came to homeopathy as I suffered from PMT which involved mood swings coming up to my period and also after. Since I had my children now 5 and 7, I felt scattered not grounded. I was putting it down to a hormone imbalance

Hyperactive Thyroid

I would highly recommend Deirdre ... She is a lovely person, puts you at ease when you walk in her door and explains everything to you ...

Hormonal and digestive issues

At present, I'm flying through the menopause.
I always knew this should be possible, but it's important to have the right tools and knowledge.
I believe I am managing so well thanks to Deirdre's great support and guidance.

Heavy , Long Periods

After having my last child my hormones did not appear to settle down. For almost 3 years I suffered with heavy periods

From the very first consultation I knew that I was in good hands and she could help. After taking a full history on myself and my family she started me on a remedy to be taken daily.


Since attending Deirdre I feel so much better.
I am really very grateful for her help as I had felt I was the only one going through this.

I would recommend Deirdre to friends and family.

Nutrition and Development

Deirdre helped my son very much, she is a lovely woman. I highly recommended her.


Deirdre was great with my 8-month-old son helping with congestion and a lingering cough.

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